Trys Mudford – Junior Web Developer

Trys is our Junior Web Developer and is responsible for a wide variety of tasks including website development, content population, making amendments to existing websites and technical support. A fantastic all-rounder and also pretty handy with a guitar, Trys is the newest member of our team, joining the company in October 2012.

Favourite App/Website?


Best thing about the internet?

Being able to share pointless thoughts to the world with just a tweet!

Worst thing about the internet?

The YouTube comments section.

Favourite food?

A good Steak

Favourite film?

The Truman Show

Cats or Dogs?


When I was little, I always wanted to be...

A professional Guitarist (I’m still working on it!).

Meet the team...

  • Mark Vaesen
  • Mike Vine
  • Nikki Carrick
  • Trys Mudford