Our work

Taxi Rater

Taxi Rater is a new web-based business started by entrepreneur Trevor Tomes. The site allows users to compare fares of a number of different taxi firms for the same journey, saving the time and hassle of phoning round for different quotes.

Trevor has over 25 years experience in the taxi industry and approached Blue Planet at the beginning of 2012 with his idea.

What we did

When Trevor first contacted us, he had the idea but no brand identity or business name. These needed to be created before the website was developed.

The first stage of the project was to create a name for the business. After creating a clear brief, we researched words associated with the industry and the purpose of the business itself. The name also needed to be memorable, easy to spell and, of course, available as a domain name.

After looking at a number of combinations, Taxi Rater was agreed on as it identified immediately what the business was about, was easy to remember and spell and had a double meaning - the website rates the taxi firms and of course "rate" is another term for "fares".

After the name had been agreed, we developed the brand identity, creating a design brief before presenting concepts to the client, showing the logic and rationale behind the ideas. The client loved it, so we were able to move on to the website development.

The specification for the website was agreed on whilst the brand identity was being developed, so designs for the main pages of the site were agreed soon after that and development started.

The site integrates with a Google Maps API to calculate the distance of the journey. Some fairly complex formulas are applied to replicate how fares are calculated by taxi firms and produces prices based on per-mile rates provided by the taxi companies.

It was inevitable that tweaks would need to be made to these calculations after the draft website had been presented to the client, so this was planned for at the beginning of the project.

Taxi Rater is now up and running and calculating fares for users and Trevor is adding new taxi firms each week as demand for the website grows.